Online records related to manuscript 33.2.17 [olim Cantate 157] of the Naples Conservatory

Cantata Hasse
Wednesday 2 August 2023

Records related to Manuscript 33.2.17 [olim Cantate 157] of the Library of the Naples Conservatory “S. Pietro a Maiella” are now available online.

The manuscript dates to the second half of the 18th century (ca.) and contains arias by J. Adolf Hasse from the operas Tito VespasianoCleofideAntigonoIssipileIpermestra, Didone abbandonataAlessandro nell’IndieDemofoonteIl trionfo di CleliaArtaserseAttalo re di BitiniaL’UldericaIl Tigrane and from the intermezzi Il tutore, La contadina, and La finta tedesca; as well as one cantata and an aria from another cantata. It also contains an aria by Giuseppe Sellitti from La franchezza delle donne, and two anonymous items.