Records for MANUSCRIPTS 33.4.16 A and 33.4.116 B OF THE LIBRARY Of NAPLES CONSERVATORY are online

The records relating to the manuscripts Cantate 48 A (olim 33.4.16 A) and Cantate 48 B (olim 33.4.16 B) of the library of Naples Conservatory are now online (records 10842 and 10864)

The two manuscripts were bound together in the nineteenth century; both date back to the mid-1600s.

Cantate 48 A contains cantatas and arias taken from originally Venetian Operas: Authors of the identified music: Antonio Farina, Giovanni Legrenzi, Antonio Sartorio, Pietro Andrea Ziani.

Cantate 48 B contains cantatas, arias from an opera by Pasquini and arias by unidentified authors. Identified music authors: Antonio Del Gaudio, Giovanni Giordano, Carlo Pallavicino, Filippo Pantera, Bernardo Pasquini.